Scams in Internet

So far I’ve been near to be scammed in Internet 3 times, in chronological order:

  1. Online job application. Fishing techniques applying for a job position in Shell
  2. Dating website. I met Valentina in Badoo I she stole my heart
  3. Online banking. I want to be million, knocking to the greediness door

Online job application scam

2 years ago I was making job seeking and during the process inevitably you apply to many positions. Obviously I did all the applications online.

One of the applications was for engineer at Shell Company and when I did the application I received an answer immediately, first unusual thing. Nevertheless I didn’t notice, somehow I was actively searching for a job.

Next is the email I received from the scammers, at the end you can appreciate what is the mechanism used by the scammer to get money, in this case with a compulsory work permit fee:

Shell U.K. Limited
Shell Centre

Dear Applicant,
This is to notify that the Shell Petroleum Development Company Human Resources Department have crosschecked your Application form and we have been noted about your past Experience and Educational qualifications as was listed in your CV, Therefore, we have decided to proceed further with you as one of the Shell oil company new foreign employee, wherein, we hereby attach the Job Interview Form and the Compensation and Benefits will be sent to you after you do the needful as one of proceeding step pertaining to the procedures of the ShellCompany rules and regulation and we instruct you to print out the attached Form, fill it accordingly with your personal signature and forward back the duly filled copy of the Form via same email. Kindly, find the attached Form and do the needful immediately to enable us proceed further with other procedures and Please note that For every applicant ofShell Company, be informed that Shell Company does not require any money from job applicants, only expenses that could be made during application is the compulsory Work Permit fee which is paid by the employee before arrival We will not be responsible Working Permit preparation fee. Therefore, we decided to disclose it to you earlier, so that you will prepare yourself for your work permit processing fee as you fill the Form.
For more information please do not hesitate to contact our Human resource department via the cell number below,
Best regards
Shell Petroleum Development Company.
Human Resource Department

I expressed my interest and the next day I received a form as “online interview” and the contract terms. You can take a look to the form (Online Assessment & Interview Form), it is just blank. I was expecting a teleconference or videoconference, but it never came, of course the scammer always wants to avoid any call or video.

Somehow I got engaged because the conditions were excellent (Contract terms UK): £5,850GBP Tax Free per month and many other goodies.

Anyway I answered back, and then I received the answer:

Shell U.K. Limited
Shell Centre

Dear Applicant
Thanks for your e-mail and for also sending back to us the interview form which Shell United Kingdom management has found satisfactory. Kindly find attached herewith our CONTRACT TEMRS OF AGREEMENT . You are to read carefully the employment CONTRACT LETTER and if everything is fine with you,do please sign and send back to us the Signed Contract Letter. Also, you shall be needing a Residence Work Permit, Flight Ticket, and Visa so as to be eligible to work here in the United Kingdom,you shall be responsible for your Residence Work Permit charges(550GBP) as it was earlier stated.

As soon as we receive a copy of the Signed Contract Letter we shall proceed with the payment for your Flight Ticket and Visa and proceed with further documentation and arrangment upon your arrival to the United Kingdom
We would also like you to know if you have the following documentation given below, as you would require to have it in your possession before your arrival here to resume office,Residence Working Permit, Flight Ticket, And Visa. If you do not have any of the documentation listed above, contact the ”HM Revenue and Customs” office contact details given below, so as for it to be processed as soon as possible and then sent over to your designated address alongside your Flight Ticket and Visa.You are only responsible for the Work Permit Fee of 550GBP,every other charges like your Visa Fee and Flight Ticket will be covered and handled by the company.

Note: All you are advised to do now is to proceed with endorsing the Contract Letter with your signature,send a copy of your Signed Contract Terms Of Agreeent back to us Shell United Kingdom as proof that you have accepted the position offered to you and agree to the Terms of ShellUnited Kingdom and also a copy to the “HM Revenue and Customs” here in the United Kingdom as proof of one of Shell United Kingdom newly recruited staff as the “HMRC” will provide you with further documentation on how to proceed with the preparation of your Residential Work Permit Documents.Do keep us posted on how you are going with the “HMRC” office.Congratulations once more and we hope to see you here soon atShell United Kingdom and we also hope to hava a great working experience with you.


HM Revenue and Customs Contact Details;
Contact Person: Mr Jim Harra

Looking forward to your prompt response.
Human Resource Department.

Obviously I got suspicious about the working permit fee of 550GBP. So I decided to call to the telephone number but no answer, so finally I contacted to Shell directly, and the answer was:

Dear Raul Bartolome Castro,

Thank you for your e-mail.

There had been recent incidents that occurred with organizations falsely pretending to recruit on behalf of Shell or by people claiming to work for, or be affiliated with Shell.  These propositions notify individuals that their qualifications were found suitable to work as an employee (local or expatriate) for Shell and solicit the transfer of significant sums of money to pay for work permits, insurance policies, etc.

These communications are fraudulent. They do not originate from Shell, nor are they associated with Shell’s recruitment process.  Salient points of such communications are that they come from non-Shell e-mail addresses (e.g. from a address); the use of English is poor; and, at some stage, money is requested. We recommend that you do not respond to such unsolicited business propositions and/or offers from people with whom you are not familiar with. Likewise, do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know or trust. Should you receive such proposals, we advise you to kindly contact your local police and provide them with all information you may have from the senders (email addresses, phone/fax details, etc.).

Please note that Shell (nor any of the organisations that recruit on our behalf) never asks for any money or payments from its applicants at any point in the recruitment process. All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment from Shell, whether directly or indirectly, are always required to go through a formal recruitment process.

Once again, thank you for contacting Shell UK and for bringing this matter to our attention. We do hope you have found these information useful.

For any other queries, please do not hesitate to email us back.

Yours sincerely

Carlo C.
Shell UK Oil Products Ltd
Brabazon House
Threapwood Road
Concord Business Park
M22 0RR
United Kingdom

Dating website scam

I was looking for a serious relationship, and I used one of the most famous web sites for dating:

I my search a find our Valentina a beauty lady from Ukraine. This one was her first email with some pictures:

Hello there,its Valentina,
i am glad to come here again,
so how are you doing there ?
I am fine,just have time and can write a letter for you.
I do not go to badoo where we find each other any more.
I have no special plans for this coming week,whats about you ?
Do you like to take care of lady ?
I mean to treat lady as your best friend and not as only sexual partner,
but any way the harmony in relations is impossible without
harmony in sexual relations,do you think so ?
I do know how to treat man and how to make him feel special
and i have experience being married,not only words.
Now my aim is not just to marry-i have went throw this already.
As you know every woman wish to marry and could be blind,
and people make a lot of mistakes when they are young,
and we have to pay for our mistakes later,i have paid by my nervous and health.
Any way nothing has been changed inside of my heart and it
is able to love and i am ready for true love,
i never loose hope and i belive there are a lot honest man in this World.
I do belive in Destiny and i know it has something for me also,
so i look on things around me and i put attention on what is going on.
Do you belive in Destiny ?
I have more pictures to send now,
i will send some more pictures with the next letter also.
My parents live in the countryside not far from Kiev,here in Ukraine.
and i do live in the city named Kiev.Yes,all you watched on television
happens exactly here in Kiev and it was not safe place when we had
Maidan problems and fights here,but now its not better.
I do ask you not to write about politics a lot because people
become really crazy here and nobody know what is waiting for us in future
and we just hope our future will be nice,so a lot of politics
talks every where,and i am just tired about politics,ok ? 🙂
I have few girlfriends here also and i proud of them.
i do work as doctor(dentist) for last 7 years
from 8-19 pm every day in private clinic and love my job.
My mesaruments 5’7 tall 125 lbs weight ok for you ?
and that i got divorced last year is ok also ?
we do not have any kids with my ex,would you ?
I am 30 years already but my soul is 18 maximum !
Do you drive ? i have licence but no car now.
What kind of music do you prefer ?
do you like to read ?
i write from Internet cafe because my ex took the computer and car after divorce.
what is your favorite kitchen ? i mean kind of food you like the most.
do you cook ? 🙂
Do you have a dream ?
something you wish in the close future.
I enjoy popular music,Madonna,r&b,house music.
Well,i need to go.

P.S would you visit here in Ukraine for my birthday 8 of November ?
I hope it will be safe place at least by than !

have an easy Monday 🙂

take care 🙂

Yours Valentina

So I decided to keep the conversation. The main suspicious aspect was that she was not keeping a real conversation by email. Obviously the scammer had an email template used to be able to manage many conversation at the same time. Also to highlight that after few days Valentina was not anymore present in; I assume that somebody else was reporting the scam.

After many emails, yea I got obfuscate and I decided to visit Valentina in Ukraine. Next is the email I received from her, it is very hot in content and pictures. You can appreciate that the scammer based on my wiliness immediately answered asking for money intended for the flight!

My dearest,its me Valentina here,
i am glad to hear from you this Sunday
and your letters the same as medicine for my heart
and i need more medicine for my body,i need your
touches and hugs,i need your kisses.
How are you doing there ? I am fine but more and more tired
with every day here,i catch my boss and she was in
a beautiful mood and she said i can plan vacation,but no later
than i planed,the end of May,by the next Friday
which will be 30 of May exactly,
because she has a plan for work in June here
will not be many doctors and i will need to,
i did checked with flights here and i can get it
for about 600 Euro(900 US dollars exactly)
flying out to you on Friday 30 of May,from Kiev,
let me know if you have any ideas about funds ?
I am really can not afford traveling now because as you
know my country has very difficult economic situation now
and i just receive the salary that even does not cover all my need
here,let me know if you have any ideas
about 600 euro from your end ? I will check the banks here
and give you the info how to send it to Kiev,Ukraine.
are you ready for my visit ?
will you be my tour guide,my friend,my boyfriend,my soulmate ?
do you want me to come on 30 of May ? (Friday)
it is how my dad has told to me that if the lady want to work,
you should give her an opportunity to do it,
but if she does not,you should give her chance to stay home for some time,
i am ready for changes my dearest,
i feel i can trust you and your writings show
me the way you feel and this way is so close to my heart and my private
and i am sure we will be able to become the Family in future and support
each other as in every right family,
we can visit my family here in Ukraine later when it become safe
place but now its sure not the best place for our first meeting,
and i know they will be happy to see us together,
i did cooked chicken yesterday and
had my cousins for a visit they send you all their best regards
and wish to see us together someday soon,
it was later at night and they were tired also
and we just talk not for long and they did like chicken so much,i served it
with potatoes and vegetables and i cook the souse by myself,it is little
bit spicy but i am sure you will love it a lot,my prince i want to make
all your dreams to come true,everything brings me only positive emotions now,
so what is about you ? you are always in my heart and i can not describe
in words how do i feel sometimes but it is beautiful feeling,i do have more
pictures for you,but it was made the last year
but i keep in fit and my body is the same as before i like training
but my body need your care,can you understand me my dearest ?
sometimes i can have a tear at night because of being lonely without you please tell
me we will be together soon and you will never let me go and you will hug me
so gentle and never let me go anywhere !

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

With million kisses
Yours Valentina

Online banking scam

This time Beik supposedly an account Manager in NatWest Bank connected me through LinkedIn offering a very interesting business. The idea was that I´d receive a heritage and later on to share it 50:50. Next you can read the first email:


Good day, We are unfamiliar with each other but it takes a day for people to know. I will like to propose a legitimate business to you and please take this seriously. I am proposing a deal that will make us richer and you are very important to this deal as you will find out.
I am an Account Manager with NatWest Bank, UK. I have worked here for a little more than 18 years now and I was the personal accountant to one Engineer.(Lex Bartolom) a foreign contractor with Royal Dutch plc who has an investment account with my bank.
Unfortunately, my client died along with his nuclear family at France while on sabbatical in the summer of 2007, may their soul rest in peace. He died without leaving a will.Several efforts were made to find his extended family through your embassy without success.
I received a notice last week to provide the next of kin of Lex Bartolom been his accountant or the account risk been transferred to the government (es-cheat) in 15 days time. I am contacting you to assist me in repatriating the funds left behind by my late client since you both share the same last name.
This claim will be executed without breaching any UK laws and success is guaranteed if we cooperate on this. The bank will release the account to you because of your last name and my recommendation of you as the next of kin.
I am a very religious person and I cannot lie; I expect the same from you. I will forward my International passport so you know that i am not joking, when I get your response. The amount involved is 9,649,400 Pounds; I propose we share the proceeds 50:50, I think this is fair. My email is ( I will give you all the necessary information about the deal when I get your response.
I anticipate your cooperation. Treat this proposal with utmost confidentially and urgency for a 100% success.
If you are not interested please delete this mail.

This scam was more advanced and personalized than the previous one. I decided to go ahead and stop if ever the scammer was asking for money, obviously it came. During the email conversation she mentioned a lower in order to obtain some papers, obviously the “lawyer” was asking for some fees.

So I figured out that it was a scam, and then I tried to cheat the scammer asking him/her part of the money for the lawyer, unfortunately it didn’t work out J

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