A Muslim, Catholic and Agnostic Chatting in the Train

I´d like to share an interesting conversation I had traveling from Vienna to Prague. I was traveling by train and in a “private” car and curiously we met many nationalities, one lady from Germany and guys from India, Pakistan, Czech Republic and Spain.

The journey was kind of long, it took 5 hours and we were talking most of the time, the conversation was especially interesting the last hours with the Bajar (the Pakistan guy) and Oliver (the Czech guy), unfortunately we couldn’t develop further the discussion.

Bajar was enjoying a 1 month vacation around Europe, he was working in United Nations fighting in the army “helping” in Congo. Oliver was having more “normal” life working as a consultant investor, he was traveling to Brussels.

Alter talking about food, geography, politics, etc. I opened the topic about religion. So in that scenario we were a Muslim-Bajar, Catholic-Oliver and Agnostic-Raúl.

In order to make some controversy I point out some surprising items. Most of them were address to Bajar and unfortunately we had no time to point out some Catholic “issues”.

I explained to Bajar why I believe that the Muslim religion doesn’t allow to eat pork and drink alcohol. To me, it is a functional decision of the religion, because coming from the desert and therefore very high temperatures the alcohol is a very incompatible with the human body and the pork meat gets rotten very easily.


He answered to me that the pork is not a noble animal and his meat is the worst fat in all the animal kingdom, and its meat full of toxins.

As Agnostic/engineer/scientific I believe the God intervention in the creation of the Universe and I can appreciate the words of God everywhere thanks to the mathematics and Physics. However I am doubtful of the different interpretation of God from Catholics and Muslims.

So I answer to Bajar, that if God created all the animals then all of them should be noble even the pork. I can understand that nowadays the way that the humans are farming them the rights of the animal are not respected.

Additionally I pointed out that the animal fat is not bad in itself, the problem is having already too much fat in your body.

It is true that the pork as more toxins that other animal, but toxins are in most of the food, so it is not a strong reason.

In short I don’t find any divine reason to don’t eat pork meat. Nevertheless I have to highlight that is scientifically demonstrated that pork meat is one of the worst meat, per fat content and toxins. And somehow is it not a surprise since the pork pigs are a rather dirty animal. They are considered the scavengers of the farm (created to eliminate any waste on the farm), often eating anything they can find. This includes not only bugs, insects, and whatever leftover scraps they find around, but also their own feces, as well as the dead carcasses of sick animals, including their own young.

What out this video of a natural piggery:

Note for Catholics, in the Old Testament God warned us that the pig was an unclean animal–a scavenger and not to be eaten (Check out Leviticus 11).


Bajar shared with me that Muslim don’t take any drugs at all because God doesn’t want we get in the ecstasy.

I shared with him that definitely I agree that the abuse of the alcohol is a very bad practice and very unhealthy, however a moderate and unusual utilization is recommendable.

During the history of the humanity and the animals are taking drugs to change is conscious. Some example of animals are birds, bees, jaguars, elephants, etc. Again, somehow if many animals had been consuming drugs to change their behavior shouldn’t be so bad.

Some resources:

And in the human history any kind of drugs has been used, specially related to the religions. To me the key point for drugs is the education rather than prohibit them, banning drugs only brings them to the clandestinely and therefore mafias, corruption and misinformation.

BTW, now the marijuana and cannabis is allowed for recreational purposes in USA after many year of persecution, something is changing…

In Short

In general I respect all the religions, usually they proclaim good feelings to our neighbors. I am trying to be a freethinker I base my beliefs in philosophy and sciences. The religions are good to me as far are constructive for the individual and doesn’t want to impose their beliefs to others.

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