• Mind-Matter Interaction – Science of Consciousness
    The experiment conducted by Dean Radin, PhD and many other researchers, concludes with a very high statistical significance (5 to 6 sigma) that consciousness alters the power distribution of the interference pattern on the screen. This is a clear evidence that the mind can affect the matter that surrounds it.
  • Máster en Asesoramiento Financiero y Gestión Patrimonial
    Mi motivación para especializarme en finanzas es debido a mi interés en inversión en bolsa. Es algo que hago desde hace unos años y que deseo expandir en el ámbito personal y profesional. No obstante, los conocimientos adquiridos durante mi MBA no son suficiente para desarrollar al máximo una carrera en asesoramiento financiero, complementaria a mi desarrollo profesional como director e ingeniero.

Download tenths of academic documents of electronic engineering and business administration. The works are well structured, correctly formatted and when applicable the software source code is also available.

One of the most notorious is “VIX as Predictor Variable of Stock Market Returns“, the management project in 2019 for the master in business administration. A remarkable piece of work where the author investigates the power of CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) to predict stock market returns of Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500), a good proxy of the USA economy.

Particularly interesting are the two final projects for the master and bachelor degrees in electronic engineering. “Modular system of data acquisition” (“Sistema modular de adquisición de datos“) is a scalable data acquisition system designed in 2004 to adquiere hundreds of data points in voltage and current. “Oscilloscope for Windows 95 using serial port” (“Osciloscopio basado en Windows 95 utilizando el puerto serie“) is a remarkable project in 2000 with an successful ambitious goal.

Enjoy exploring the downloads section, the author is ready to answer your questions.

Cisium, Inc. company ceased operations in 2013 after 5 years providing engineering services to many customers; the website stopped in 2018. An excerpt of Cisium, Inc. website can be found here.

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